Ukraine’s Zelensky Caught Buying Luxury Mansion with U.S Aid Money Meant for ‘Fighting War’

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has been caught buying a luxury multi-million dollar mansion in Egypt using American taxpayer-funded aid money that was meant to help the nation fight the war.

Zelensky reportedly purchased the mansion by funneling the funds through his mother-in-law.

Evidence shows that Western aid money given to Ukraine was used to buy the property.

Egyptian investigative journalist Mohammed Al-Alawi initially broke the news following his in-depth research and interviews with sources familiar with the matter.

He disclosed that the Zelensky family acquired a luxury property valued at around $5 million in the Egyptian city of El Gouna.

Located in Egypt’s coastal zone next to the Red Sea, the tourist city is famous for having many opulent properties owned by millionaires.

In fact, right next to Zelensky’s newly acquired property is an estate owned by actress Angelina Jolie – making the comedian-turned-president and movie star of “Tomb Raider” fame neighbors.

Al-Alawi also published documents that attest to the Zelensky family’s purchase of the villa.

Olga Kiyashko, Zelensky’s mother-in-law, purchased the property for $4.85 million on May 16.

Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska is the daughter of Kiyashko.

According to analysts, the money Kiyashko used to purchase the property appears to



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