UFC Champion Sean Strickland: ‘Trump’s People Are My People’ – EVOL

UFC champion Sean Strickland expressed praise for former President Donald Trump and his supporters in a YouTube video uploaded on Monday.

Strickland met with Donald Trump in Las Vegas over the weekend.

In a video summarizing their meeting, Strickland remarked: “Trump is actually a really solid guy. I didn’t know if I would like Donald Trump but … [he’s] really authentic, really authentic. Yeah, really nice. You know, I think that I need to run a rally for Trump.”

“I love the people. I feel like Trump’s people are my people, you know?” he added.

“Like, I love the people. What I like about Trump, though, there’s no boogeyman. There’s no … at his rallies, it’s America first. But there’s no black vs. white, there’s none of that. All he says is we’re Americans and that’s something really f**king find refreshing,” he continued.

“Because you go with Biden and … every time Biden talks it’s black vs. white, it’s this vs. that. It’s just nice to be reminded that we’re all Americans,” he said.

The fighter stated that if Trump becomes the Republican nominee, he intends to vote for him.

The fighter said that if Trump is the Republican



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