U.S Food Supply Spiked with Infertility Drugs, 80% of Americans Affected – EVOL

An emergency alert has been issued after experts discovered that the U.S. food supply has been spiked with infertility drugs.

80 percent of Americans tested so far have been impacted by the issue.

People have been testing positive for traces of a chemical that is typically used in farming to sterilize livestock.

The alarm was raised after members of the public were found to have traces of the drugs in their urine.

A new study published today in the Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology reported that the majority of a set of nearly 100 urine samples collected from people in different states over the last few years showed the presence of a pesticide called chlormequat, which is used in agriculture.

Notably, the study found that both frequency of detection and concentrations of the chemical were starkly higher in 2023 than in samples collected from prior years.

“While the sample size is small and more research will be needed to verify the extent of the problem, it is very concerning to see chlormequat chloride showing up in these samples, and at increasing levels,” said Danielle Melgar, a specialist in food and agriculture advocacy work with the Public Interest Research Group.

“It means that



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