U.S Census to Begin Grilling Americans on 'Gender Identity' – EVOL

The United States Census Bureau is planning to begin grilling Americans on their gender identity and sexual orientation, according to reports.

The Associated Press is reporting that the Census will introduce questions relating to far-left ideology for the first time in its history.

The questions will be sent to 480,000 households.

They can be answered online, by mail, via phone, or during in-person interviews.

However, only half of recipients are expected to respond, the AP notes.

The bureau plans to include the new questions in its annual American Community Survey and will ask respondents about their “sex assigned at birth” and their sexual orientation.

The questions suggest that a person’s gender can somehow be changed from their “sex assigned at birth,” despite biological impossibility.

The first question set will ask respondents of any age to divulge whether they were assigned male or female at birth.

A follow-up for those who are 15 and older then asks about the individual’s “current gender identity.”

The options include male, female, transgender, nonbinary, or “This person uses a different term,” according to the AP.

The American Community Survey gathers information on “jobs and occupations, educational attainment, veterans, whether people own or rent their



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