Two Trump Family Members to Attend First GOP Debate Despite 45’s Absence

The Trump family will have a presence at Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate — even though the former president won’t be there.

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle will attend the event in Donald Trump’s stead, according to the Daily Caller.

The pair predicted that Republican voters would reject alternatives to the 45th president.

“We’re excited to see all of our friends in Milwaukee on Wednesday in support of President Trump,” Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle told the outlet.

“We’re confident that in 2024, GOP voters will reject the RINO establishment and re-nominate President Trump in a landslide.”

Donald Trump announced he would not be attending the debate — or any others in the primary — in a Truth Social post on Sunday.

The former president cited his overwhelming lead in primary polling as cause not to participate.

Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle will conduct media appearances for the frontrunner at the Milwaukee event, according to the Caller.

It’s unclear how many candidates will actually qualify for the GOP’s debate criteria and be allowed on stage.

One candidate formerly close to Trump suggested that his once-running mate wasn’t guaranteed to skip the debate, in spite of his announcement.

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