Turbo Cancer Deaths Surge in Vaxxed 15 to 44-Year-Olds – EVOL

An alarming new study has revealed a dramatic surge in Covid mRNA vaccinated young people dying from turbo cancers.

According to a new study, official government data shows a shocking spike in turbo cancer deaths in young people aged 15- to 44 years old since 2021.

In the last three years, doctors have been reporting skyrocketing cases of deadly turbo cancers.

People who have been vaccinated with Covid mRNA injections have been suffering from a high incidence of these fast-developing cancers.

Some doctors are reporting that cancers are so rapidly developing that their patients are dying within a week of being diagnosed.

An analysis of U.K. government data shows an unprecedented increase in cancer deaths among 15- to 44-year-olds who were vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines, according to a new report by data analyst Edward Dowd.

The report has prompted renewed calls for further investigation into the experimental mRNA injections.

Teenagers and young people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s in the U.K. are dying from rapidly metastasizing and terminal cancers at an unprecedented rate since mass COVID-19 vaccination began, according to Dowd’s new analysis.

However, the issue is not limited to the U.K. as the data is reflective of



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