Tulsi Gabbard Warns Biden against ‘Thinking We’re So Stupid’: ‘The Hypocrisy Is Deafening’

Former Democrat congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard slammed President Joe Biden during an interview on Fox News calling his behavior offensive and hypocritical.

She said the administration’s waiting until the 22nd anniversary of 9/11 to tell Congress of the new Iran deal was a slap in the face to all families who lost loved ones.

She said: “On a date where the president decided not to show up at any of the sites that were attacked on 9/11, basically turning his back on all the families who were there who lost loved ones.

“Turning his back on our fellow Americans.

“People like you and I, who were motivated to join the military because of 9/11.

“And then to go and deliver this speech in Alaska that I personally found many parts of it to be quite offensive.

“Where he chose to lecture the American people, saying, you all, we all have a responsibility to defend democracy, that we have to stand united.

“This is coming from a guy who has done nothing but divide America since the day that he took office.

“And as he is telling us, we have to defend democracy, we Americans, while he and his administration are



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