Tucker Drops New Interview With Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Tucker Carlson dropped a new episode on X, and this week, he had Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene on the show to talk about the inside moves within Capitol Hill.

During one point of the interview, Carlson asked Rep. Greene what her take was on new House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson, to which Greene responded, “Let’s be very honest, this is nothing he ever planned for, was not prepared for and had no base staff ready for this. It’s something he luckily got thrown into — thrown in a hot frying pan.”

Greene then turned her attention to his distaste towards her fellow Republicans and stated, “Here’s why I hate Republicans right now. They don’t do a damn thing to stop it, Tucker. They campaign on it every single cycle. They talk about it. They go on the news and say all these wonderful sounding things to their voters and their donors.”

Here’s a clip of the interview:

Tucker Carlson interviews MTG on her Vs her own party: “…You have one party that’s destroying the country at high speed and another party thats helping them do it…”

No doubt we have a UniParty in Congress! This is why Trump is



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