Tucker Carlson Warns 'Dangerous' WEF Elites 'Think They're God' - EVOL

Independent journalist Tucker Carlson has warned that members of the World Economic Forum (WEF) are “very dangerous” because they “think they are God.”

At the World Governments Summit (WGS) in Dubai, Carlson called out globalist elites.

Without mentioning him by name, Carlson referenced previous comments made at the event by WEF founder and chairman Klaus Schwab.

As Slay News previously reported, Schwab also spoke at the WGS and unveiled the WEF’s plans for “humanocracy”

Schwab described a disturbing “fusion” between human beings and artificial intelligence (AI) technology which he said is part of the WEF’s agenda for a “new world” that will “transition humankind into a new era.”

According to Schwab, the WEF’s plans for the “new world” involve a “fusion between our physical, our digital, and our biological dimensions.”

Schwab declared that, once the scheme has been rolled out globally, a “new era” of “humanocracy” will be ushered in.


“We have to be prepared for a world where we see a fusion of our physical, our digital and our biological dimensions.”

Speaking at the annual globalist conference formerly known as the World Government Summit, Klaus Schwab touts the arrival of the “fourth industrial revolution”.… pic.twitter.com/03r2EBjwFs

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