Tucker Carlson Spotted In Russia, Fueling Speculation About A Possible Putin Interview – EVOL

Top-rated conservative journalist Tucker Carlson was spotted at the famous Bolshoi Theater in Moscow on Saturday, fueling speculation that he may be in the country for an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Carlson was in attendance for a performance of “Spartacus,” according to photos posted by Russian X user TrollStoy88. According to the post, Carlson arrived in Russia three days ago after traveling from Istanbul.

Photos of the American journalist were obtained by the Russian news agency, Mash, which were uploaded to the network’s Telegram page.

The American journalist Tucker Carlson arrived in Russia.

He arrived in the Russian capital from Istanbul three days ago.

Today the journalist was spotted at the ballet “Spartacus” at the Bolshoi Theater. pic.twitter.com/PfrpxA7qT5

— Trollstoy (@Trollstoy88) February 3, 2024

The photos generated significant speculation on X, with many wondering whether Carlson is in the country to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Carlson has emerged as a fierce critic of U.S. involvement with the war in Ukraine. He has argued that the U.S. has no strategic interest in the conflict, questioned the lack of a clear strategy, and objected to the massive loss of life that is largely glossed over by western media



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