Tucker Carlson And Alex Jones ‘Had Some Drinks’ And Decided To Prank Call Brian Stelter

Two of the biggest names in independent media — Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones — described the moment they decided to prank call ex-CNN host Brian Stelter during a wildly entertaining interview.

“What’s interesting is, and I mean, I don’t know if you want me to reveal this, but we had dinner in our barn last night and there were some drinks, and after dinner you and my producer called Stelter on the phone,” Carlson recalled while speaking with the InfoWars boss.

“And what was so, and it was on speaker so I listened to it, what was so interesting was, you know, you’ve been very clear in a very direct, pretty masculine way, I would say, about how you feel about Brian Stelter,” Carlson continued. The former Fox News host found it funny how Selter was “kind of syrupy sweet” with Jones despite betraying him as a public menace in his reporting.

“And that’s why I was sarcastic and told him I want to date him,” Jones chimed in with a smirk.

“You did, yeah. In fact the exact line that you had was, ‘Brian I’m not usually gay but I want you.’ And he seemed a little bit,



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