Trump’s VP Short List Includes Rubio, Vance, and Dog the Bounty Hunter – EVOL

Donald Trump has privately released a short list of people he’d consider taking on as Vice President that includes Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Ohio Senator J.D. Vance, and television personality Dog the Bounty Hunter, sources have confirmed. 

“Love that Dog, hell of a guy,” said Trump, when asked about the famed bounty hunter’s rumored inclusion. “Great hair, great style, great attitude. He gets results. Maybe he could take me out on a motorcycle or something. You seen the size of those things? Those sons of bitches will go, I tell you. Anyway, Dog’s great, we’re great, and I think America will see some great things happening when we win in November.” 

When contacted about the list, Dog the Bounty Hunter was receptive to the idea, although surprised as well. 

“Oh, really?” he asked when informed of the news. “Yeah hell, let’s do it. That would probably put me in a good position to get a lot of ice off of the streets all over the country. Plus, I haven’t been on TV in the last few years, so it could be good for my career. I’m in, brother. Who’s ass do I gotta kick in the VP debate?” 

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