Trump's Legal Team Blasts DA Fani Willis for 'Outright Lie' about Racial Remarks – EVOL

President Donald Trump’s legal team has blasted Georgia’s radical Democrat prosecutor Fani Willis for promoting an “outright lie” about her critics.

Fulton County District Attorney Willis, who is leading a politically motivated get-Trump against the 45th president and others, initially responded to the impropriety and misconduct allegations against her with a speech disguised as a church sermon.

In the statement, Willis directly accused her accusers of racist motivations in their critiques of her case-related actions and decisions.

She later claimed in a court filing that her church speech was not about the case or her racist critics.

Now, Trump has responded with a filing of his own that accuses Willis of being “disingenuous” and telling an “outright lie” to the court about her “racially charged” remarks, local Fox affiliate WAGA reported.

The back-and-forth relates to the allegations that Willis improperly hired a special prosecutor, Nathan Wade, with whom she was having an undisclosed romantic affair, and further improperly benefited financially from that arrangement by way of dinners, gifts, and travel covered by taxpayer funds that were paid to the prosecutor she hired.

Last month, Trump co-defendant Michael Romans filed a motion to dismiss the charges against him that included



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