Trump Was Repeatedly Mobbed By Supporters At The Iowa-Iowa State Football Game

Former President Donald Trump was mobbed by fans at every turn while attending the Iowa-Iowa State college football game on Saturday.

Upon arrival, the former president was swarmed by a large group of fans as chants of “USA, USA” could be clearly heard. Trump — who is on track to win the GOP’s first 2024 nominating contest in Iowa according to most reputable pollsters — took time to shake hands and mingle with fans as he made his way into Jack Trice Stadium.


Big crowd breaks out into a chant as President Trump arrives at Jack Trice Stadium for the Iowa vs Iowa St football game.

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) September 9, 2023

From there, he was greeted by a large crowd of college students who seemed enthusiastic to see him. Trump then made his way into the stands and was met with more cheers, though critics tried to spin the reception the opposite way.

Left-wing social media personalities and some supporters of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis tried to claim that Trump was booed, focusing mainly on one video. Social media users pointed out that the chant sounds like “woo” rather than “boo,” however.



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