Trump VP Contender Doug Burgum: Biden Is ‘Negotiating for Hamas’ to Get Democrat Votes – EVOL

North Dakota’s Republican Governor Doug Burgum has accused President Joe Biden of “negotiating for Hamas” to get votes from the pro-Hamas wing of the Democrat Party.

“I think it’s truly unbelievable,” said Burgum, who is apparently on the shortlist for President Donald Trump’s running mate in November.

“We’re in completely new territory here for a president of the United States because we’ve always had a rule, which is don’t negotiate with terrorists, but Joe Biden has gone way beyond that — he’s actually negotiating for the terrorists.”

“If President Trump was in office right now, this would not be happening,” Burgum noted.

“This is Joe Biden’s weakness on display.”


GOV. DOUG BURGUM: We’ve always had a rule: don’t negotiate with terrorists. Joe Biden has gone way beyond that—he’s negotiating *FOR* the terrorists.

None of this would have happened under President Trump.

— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) May 9, 2024

Biden is withholding a shipment of weapons from Israel.

The democrat president is refusing to send the military aid because Israel couldn’t show that it had a plan to avoid civilian casualties as it entered Rafah in a ground offensive.

Rafah is the last bastion for Hamas



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