Trump Takes Legal Action Against Former British Spy Christopher Steele Over Debunked Dossier

Former President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against Christopher Steele, a former MI6 agent, over his work on the thoroughly debunked “Steele Dossier,” which claimed that Trump was compromised by Russian intelligence agencies. Steele’s work laid the groundwork for the years-long “Russiagate” investigation that concluded with Special Counsel Robert Mueller stating that there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

Trump is bringing a data into protection claim against Steele and his consulting firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, according to a statement from attorney Tim Lowles. “Proceedings have been issued on behalf of President Donald J. Trump against Orbis Business Intelligence Limited. The claim relates to breaches of UK Data Protection law arising from the inaccurate processing of the President’s personal data by Orbis following the publication of the false ‘Steele Dossier,’” Lowles said.

“The President’s claim seeks remedies including that the inaccurate data contained within the Steele Dossier be erased or rectified together with the payment of damages,” the statement added. 

The thoroughly debunked dossier made a number of salacious claims about the former president, including one assertion that the former president would pay prostitutes to urinate on him inside a



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