Trump Sues New York Judge Who Slapped Him with Gag Order – EVOL

Donald Trump, former President of the United States, is suing the New York judge who hit him with a limited ‘gag order’ during his election campaign in regards to the ‘hush money’ case.

Trump’s attorneys are filing the lawsuit with the New York Court of Appeals, seeking a delay and appealing the gag order Merchan imposed on the presidential candidate.

The New York Times reported that “an online court docket where Mr. Trump is expected to file the so-called Article 78 action — a special proceeding that comes in the form of a lawsuit and can be used to challenge New York State government agencies and judges — showed that the related paperwork was sealed.”

The second move was to request a change of venue out of the Manhattan court. One of the former president’s lawyers, Emil Bove, argued that Manhattan jurors were too biased to hear the case and have been bombarded with an unusual amount of negative coverage about his client.

“In terms of prejudicial pretrial publicity in this county, this case stands alone,” Bove said. The attorney pointed to an online survey conducted by Trump’s team that found that 61 percent of Manhattan residents have already



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