Trump Strategist Brad Parscale Unveils 'Secret Weapon' For 2024 Election – EVOL

Brad Parscale, known for his innovative approach in Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign victory, is once again making his mark for Trump’s team after a very publicized fall from grace. This time, Parscale has introduced a revolutionary tool — advanced artificial intelligence (AI) — dubbed as a secret weapon for Trump’s 2024 electoral bid.

Brad Parscale, the digital architect of Trump’s 2016 success, is stepping back into the spotlight after a brief retreat from the forefront of politics. With a new initiative, Parscale is harnessing AI’s power to create personalized voter engagement at an unprecedented level.

In a daring blend of artificial intelligence and conservative grit, Parscale’s Campaign Nucleus has emerged as a powerhouse, engineered to craft tailored emails, navigate vast seas of data to pinpoint swing voters, and enhance the reach of “anti-woke” voices online. This comes from an in-depth Associated Press examination of Parscale’s public declarations, along with a trove of previously undisclosed documents from his firm.

“I pretty much used Facebook to get Trump elected in 2016,” Parscale explained back in a 2022 interview.

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The Associated Press reported:

Soon, Parscale says, his company will deploy an



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