Trump Slams ‘Gutless’ Ex-AG Bill Barr after Weak Endorsement – EVOL

President Donald Trump has fired back at Bill Barr after his former attorney general issued a weak endorsement of his 2024 presidential campaign.

As Slay News reported, Barr revealed this week that he would back Trump in the critical November election.

However, Barr suggested that he is only supporting Trump because the other option is Democrat President Joe Biden.

“Well, I’ve said, yeah, the choice now is a binary choice between these two candidates, and of the two, I support President Trump,” Barr said.

Since leaving the Trump administration, Barr has had few nice things to say about his former boss, and vice versa.

However, Barr presumably stunned the former president and his supporters by offering his formal endorsement of Trump last week.

But according to Fox News, the endorsement wasn’t exactly revered by Trump.

Trump responded to the weak endorsement by taunting Barr in a Truth Social post.

Barr and Trump have butted heads on several occasions since the two split during the end of Trump’s time in the White House.

In a Fox News interview earlier this month, Barr slammed the Department of Justice for pursuing Trump like it has, calling the cases against Trump “obviously political.”



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