Trump Responds To O'Keefe's Biggest Story of Career: CIA Exposed! – EVOL

James O’Keefe released a bombshell video (see below) that he claimed was the biggest story of his career!

And it involved the CIA admitting that they kept Trump ‘out of the loop’.

Hey, wait a minute. I thought that was a conspiracy theory?

Now what will Democrats say?

Will they admit they were wrong?

Do I see a white flag of truce on the horizon?

More importantly, with this infomation, what will Trump do with it?

Here’s the man himself responding:

President Trump reacts to bombshell recording of Program Manager at CIA describing how higher-ups at Langley withheld information from him. 🚨 🚨 🚨

— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) May 2, 2024

The Post Millennial reports:

On Thursday, Donald Trump reacted to a bombshell report from O’Keefe Media Group that revealed federal agencies may have withheld information from him while he was president.

The former commander-in-chief said he was amazed that someone could openly admit something so damning.

“It’s shocking to see how stupid somebody can be,” Trump said in an interview with James O’Keefe, referring to Amjad Fseisi, the Deloitte contractor working as a project manager in Cyber Operations with the CIA and NSA who had been tricked into



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