Trump Provides HUGE Update After Trouncing Haley In South Carolina – EVOL

Former President Donald Trump appears to be on a glide path to the 2024 Republican nomination after steamrolling his last serious competitor, Nikki Haley, in her home state of South Carolina during Saturday’s primary, and he’s acting the role.

Trump defeated Haley with nearly 60 percent of the vote to her nearly 40 percent after 99 percent of the votes cast had been counted, Fox News reported.

Following his victory, Trump told the outlet that he’s not sure Haley is “even really in the race” at this point, adding he is now hyper-focused on beating President Joe Biden in the fall.

“I was honored that I received the largest vote in the history of the state — I’m with Senator Lindsey Graham right now, and he just told me we received the largest vote by double — we beat the last record,” Trump told the network. “So that’s a great compliment to all of the people and to making America great again.”

Asked if he thought Haley should now drop out of the race, Trump said he’s “really not thinking about that… I’m not thinking about it.”

“I’m really thinking about we have to beat Joe Biden,” told the



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