Trump prosecutor Fani Willis and trial judge Scott McAfee will win their elections in Georgia, CNN projects – EVOL

CNN  — 

Two key figures in former President Donald Trump’s election interference trial in Georgia will fend off challengers in their elections Tuesday, CNN projects.

Fani Willis, the Fulton County district attorney who is prosecuting Trump, is projected to win her Democratic primary rematch with attorney and author Christian Wise Smith.

And Judge Scott McAfee, who is overseeing the former president’s case, is projected to win his nonpartisan election for Fulton County Superior Court.

The 2020 election interference case in Georgia was sidetracked for months over whether Willis should be disqualified following revelations that she had a romantic relationship with her lead prosecutor, Nathan Wade. Willis has managed to stay on, while Wade stepped down in March. An appeals court has said it will revisit the question of whether Willis should have been removed from the case.

That has left the Trump case effectively at a standstill. A legal argument before the Supreme Court over whether the former president has immunity from prosecution also remains an issue in the Georgia case and may not be decided until this summer.

Wise Smith, Willis’ primary opponent, finished third in the 2020 Democratic primary



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