Trump May Pick Strategic Day to Surrender, And Someone Will Be Waiting on Courthouse Steps for Him: Ex-Adviser

Former President Donald Trump won’t be participating in the first GOP presidential debate of the primary season — but, if reports are accurate, he could still be the one making all the headlines, and not just because of his absence.

In an appearance on CNN Friday, former Trump campaign adviser Jason Osborne suggested that Trump could turn himself in for booking on Wednesday — the day when the GOP field, minus its biggest name, first convenes on a debate stage in Milwaukee — on charges related to election interference in Georgia.

Trump has until noon Friday to turn surrender. The front-runner for the nomination confirmed in a post on Truth Social on Sunday that he wouldn’t be taking part in the debate — but when the issue was being discussed on CNN’s “The Source” Friday that issue was still up in the air. Trump had strongly hinted he wouldn’t be appearing, given he believes Fox News, which is hosting the event, is “hostile” toward him.

“Donald Trump right now, is not expected to show up,” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins said during the segment.

“He has until Monday at nine o’clock to make that official, I guess. Candidates are kind of having



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