Trump Makes HUGE 2024 Announcement: ‘Remember These Words…’ – EVOL

Donald Trump, the ex-President, reaffirmed his belief in winning a traditionally Democratic state in a video shared on his Truth Social platform on Tuesday. Despite current polling indicating otherwise, Trump, a native of Queens, New York, remains confident in securing victory in his home state.

“I believe that with your support, we can win the state of New York and I’m looking to win it as your presidential nominee. We are going to win New York – remember those words. I hope I’m gonna be correct. If I am, the election is over,” he said. ‘

“There’s tremendous discontent in New York with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants taking over your schools and your playgrounds, and the crime that’s happening in the city of New York and the state of New York. The lack of supervision, the lack of control, the lack of leadership, terrible things are happening in New York. I think we can win it,” he added.

“And again, we’re gonna make a big play for New York, presidentially,” Trump reiterated. “And so get out and join us. It’s gonna be one of the greatest wins, I think, in the history of the state. There’s no



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