Trump Lawyers Scored Win Against Witness in New York Trial, Legal Analysts Say – EVOL

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testified for several days this week.

Former prosecutors and other legal analysts said that former President Donald Trump had a good day in court on Thursday as his lawyers attempted to undermine the credibility of the prosecution’s star witness and former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

Mr. Cohen was called to testify in the case that accuses the former president of falsifying business records regarding a repayment plan to Mr. Cohen, who paid adult film performer Stormy Daniels to remain quiet about an alleged affair that President Trump has denied. Earlier this week, Mr. Cohen alleged that it was President Trump who directed him to pay Ms. Daniels and that he was primarily concerned with the 2016 campaign.

But the former president’s attorney, Todd Blanche, on Thursday pressed Mr. Cohen with text messages indicating that what was on his mind, at least initially, during the phone call were harassing calls he was getting from an apparent 14-year-old prankster. Mr. Cohen said that he believed he also spoke to President Trump about the Daniels deal at that time, which Mr. Blanche denied.

“We are not asking for your belief. This jury does not want to hear what you think



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