Trump Issues EPIC Rallying Call to Americans – EVOL

President Donald Trump spoke to NRA members on Saturday for the ninth occasion, emphasizing the need for a significant revival of American freedom.

Trump announced, “Let there be no doubt, the survival of our Second Amendment is very much on the ballot. It’s under siege.”

He continued, “We need the Second Amendment for safety.

“Forget about going hunting and all the things you do — we need it for safety. Because you know the bad guys are not giving up their guns.

“The bad ones are not giving up their guns.”

Trump clarified that it is imperative for the Second Amendment to not only endure but thrive.

He emphasized that the amendment must possess significance, as failure to do so would leave innocent individuals incapable of safeguarding their own lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Trump said, “If [Biden] gets four more years they are coming for your guns, 100 percent certain.”

He proceeded to characterize Biden’s political trajectory as tainted by the aim to confiscate firearms and commended Republicans for opposing gun confiscation, asserting, “We are the party of rationality.”

Trump highlighted the weaponization of federal agencies under the Biden administration, emphasizing the revocation of licenses



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