Trump Fundraises Off Judge Merchan’s Contempt-of-Court Ruling – EVOL

The former president sent the email out soon after Judge Merchan’s order.

Former President Donald Trump has issued a fundraising call after a New York judge’s ruling that he was in contempt of court over a gag order violation.

Judge Juan Merchan last week fined President Trump a total of $9,000 for multiple social media and other online posts, accusing the former president of violating his gag order that prohibits the presumptive Republican presidential nominee from commenting on witnesses, jury members, or other individuals connected to his current criminal trial in New York City.

“A Democrat judge JUST HELD ME IN CONTEMPT OF COURT!” one email sent out by his campaign reads, according to an The Epoch Times review. “THEY WANT TO SILENCE ME!” another wrote, asking supporters to “stand with Trump” by contributing funds.

The 45th president has used the New York trial and several other indictments to fundraise, arguing that the cases are politicized attempts to harm his 2024 reelection chances. His lawyers, meanwhile, have argued that the gag order issued by Judge Merchan—which was later expanded to include his daughter, a Democratic Party consultant—is in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

Prosecutors last week have sought to penalize the



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