Trump Endorses Michael Whatley as New RNC Chair, Lara Trump as Co-chair - EVOL

‘The RNC MUST be a good partner in the Presidential election,’ the former president said.

Former President Donald Trump on Feb. 12 endorsed North Carolina GOP Chair Michael Whatley to succeed RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel. He also announced his support for his daughter-in-law Lara Trump to take up the role of RNC co-chairwoman.

In a news release, President Trump stressed the need for the RNC to play a crucial role in ensuring fair and transparent elections across the nation and to work seamlessly with his campaign in the upcoming general election.

“The RNC MUST be a good partner in the Presidential election. It must do the work we expect from the national Party and do it flawlessly. That means helping to ensure fair and transparent elections across the country, getting out the vote everywhere—even in parts of the country where it won’t be easy—and working with my campaign, as the Republican presumptive nominee for President, to win this election and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” President Trump said in a statement.

Following reports that Ms. McDaniel is stepping down, President Trump endorsed Michael Whatley as her replacement, citing Mr. Whatley’s loyalty and commitment to election integrity.

“Michael has been with me from the beginning,



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