Trump Destroys Biden in 5 Battleground States, Gains Support Among Black & Hispanic Voters – EVOL

Former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in five crucial battleground states for head-to-head matchups ahead of a November rematch, and has gained ground among black and Hispanic voters, a Monday poll found.

Trump is ahead of Biden by 13 points among likely voters in Nevada, as well as by nine points in Georgia, six points in Arizona, three points in Pennsylvania and one point in Wisconsin, according to the latest New York Times/Siena College survey. Biden is only leading in one state, Michigan, with a 47% to 45% margin.

Additionally, the poll found that Trump has narrowed the margin with Biden among two crucial voting blocs Democrats typically win by large margins — black and Hispanic individuals. Across the six swing states, Biden is leading Trump 70% to 18% among black voters, as well as by 47% to 42% among Hispanic voters.

The margins are smaller than those from the NYT/Siena College’s previous poll of the same battleground states, as well as in the exit polling from the 2020 election. Biden won black and Hispanic voters by 75 and 33 points, respectively, according to Edison Research.

“The truth about Joe Biden’s witch hunts against President Trump is being revealed and reflected in the polls. The Biden



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