Trump Comments on Collapse of Deal for Sale of Forbes: ‘Pathetic Outlet of Fake News’

President Donald Trump has commented on why he believes the sale of Forbes has reportedly fallen through.

Trump weighed in on the reported collapse of the deal involving the sale of Forbes to Austin Russell.

The 45th president revealed that he believes the sale failed because Forbes is a “pathetic outlet of Fake News.”

Trump posted the message to Truth Social on Saturday.

“Oh, really bad news!” Trump wrote.

“The Owned by China Forbes Magazine deal with Russia just fell apart, so China will continue to own and run it, and say bad things about your favorite President, ME.

“But eventually it will cease to exist, be worthless.

“BAD WRITERS!” Trump blasted.

“Anyone that pays more than $50 Million for this pathetic outlet of Fake News is a fool!”

Back in May 2023, reports indicated that Forbes was sold to Russell for $800 million.

However,  new reports were published last week, including this one from Axios, indicating that the deal has not been closed.

“Russell was blindsided by Indian investment firm Sun Group and others who didn’t wire the money they were contractually obligated to send on the day the deal was supposed to close, per the sources,” Axios



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