Trump Calls for RFK Jr. to Join 2024 Debate Stage – EVOL

President Donald Trump has called for independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to be included in the upcoming 2024 presidential debates.

Trump says he has “no problem” with inviting RFK Jr. to share the debate stage with him and Democrat President Joe Biden.

He argues that, if RFK Jr. meets the qualification threshold, then he should be included.

Trump indicated that while RFK Jr. has seen a dip in popularity lately, the third-party candidate should still be allowed in the debate stage.

However, Trump notes that RFK Jr. must earn his spot on the stage.

In a statement, Trump called on Kennedy to improve his polling numbers to make sure he meets the criteria.

“I have no problem with him. I think he’s really not doing well in the polls at all,” Trump said.

“His numbers have gone down a lot lately, but I would have no problem if he got whatever the threshold is, but he’s very low and seems to be heading in the other direction, in the wrong direction.”

RFK Jr.’s name came up after Biden and Trump agreed to debate each other and a date was quickly scheduled for June 27.

Kennedy responded by suggesting that



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