Trump Blasts Classified Docs Case after Biden Escaped Charges for ‘More Egregious’ Issue: ‘Jack Smith Is an Animal’ – EVOL

President Donald Trump is facing criminal prosecution by Special Counsel Jack Smith over his alleged unlawful retention of classified documents after he left the White House in January 2021.

Yet, in a Wednesday interview, Trump insisted that he “legally” retained the classified docs.

The documents were in Trump’s possession under the authority of the Presidential Records Act.

Trump asserts that he “wasn’t hiding them” from federal investigators, Breitbart reported.

He also highlighted the substantial disparity in treatment between himself and Democrat President Joe Biden.

As Trump notes, he is being aggressively prosecuted for keeping classified documents while Biden, who was also found to possess without authorization numerous classified documents from his time as vice president and senator, is not facing any criminal charges.

“I was dealing with them,” Trump told Newsmax host Greg Kelly during an interview Wednesday in his South Florida resort residence.

“We were dealing fine. And then all of a sudden they raided this house.

“They raided Mar-a-Lago. These are corrupt people.

“But they release Biden,” he continued.

“What Biden did, he wasn’t protected by the Presidential Records [Act] because he wasn’t president.

“He took them when he was a senator,” Trump noted.

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