Transgender Inmate Given $160,000 after Being ‘Misgendered’ by Jail Staff

A transgender criminal is now rolling in cash after being gifted a huge windfall from American taxpayers because he was “misgendered” by jail staff while behind bars.

Makyyla Holland, a 25-year-old biological male who claims to be a transgender “woman,” hit the jackpot when New York paid him a $160,000 settlement.

Holland claims he was “misgendered” by staff at an all-male jail and ordered to remove his acrylic nails without the “correct equipment.”

The criminal accused correctional officers at the Broome County Jail of abuse and discrimination.

Holland was jailed after being arrested on criminal contempt and assault charges.

He was held in an all-male jail during two stints totaling six weeks in 2021.

Holland claims he was physically attacked during the intake process on January 22, suffering a broken tooth and a painful lump on his head.

Holland says he was assigned to the men’s unit and put into an isolated cell with glass walls.

He was denied access to a shower throughout his time which ended February 5, 2021, according to court documents.

Between June 1 and July 2, 2021, Holland says he was stripped and searched by male officers.

He was also outraged



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