Train Explodes after Major Derailment in New Mexico, Evacuations Ordered – EVOL

A freight train has derailed near the New Mexico-Arizona state line, triggering a large explosion, according to reports.

Authorities have ordered evacuations after multiple train cars left the tracks in an explosive pile-up.

It is believed some of the cars were carrying propane.

The I-40 highway next to the fire was closed in both directions, affecting trucks that use that route for the transportation of goods.

Vehicles were being directed to alternate routes.

The New Mexico State Police told CBS that the firefighters have been battling the blaze through Saturday.

The train contained 35 cars in total.

Six of the cars were transporting propane, which is highly flammable.

Early footage of the wreckage and fire were from drivers who were passing by.

“A freight train carrying fuel derailed and caught fire Friday near the Arizona-New Mexico state line, forcing the closure of an interstate highway that serves as a key trucking route,” CBS News reported.

“As of Saturday morning, the fire was still burning, a public information officer for the New Mexico State Police told CBS News.

“About 35 of the cars carrying “mixed freight” had derailed, officials said Saturday. Six of those cars contained propane.

“No injuries were reported in



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