Top Trump Ally Exposes Michelle Obama – EVOL

Kellyanne Conway criticized the Democrats’ alleged intentions to replace President Joe Biden with Michelle Obama by exposing the former first lady’s background.

Conway, who previously served as an advisor in President Donald Trump’s administration, strongly criticized Michelle Obama during her appearance on Fox Business’s “Mornings with Maria.” This comes amidst speculation that Biden might withdraw from the presidential election race due to concerns about his cognitive abilities and suitability as a presidential candidate.

Michelle Obama, who is highly regarded among liberal voters, is often mentioned as a potential replacement for Biden. While many believe that this would be a favorable move for the Democrats, Conway holds a different opinion.

During her appearance on Fox Business, Conway argued that Obama would not be a suitable replacement for Biden due to her lack of the necessary qualifications and experience to govern the country. As Conway points out, Michelle Obama’s past reveals no political experience apart from being married to the former president.

“What has she won? What has she done?” Conway asked.

“I can respect her as a first lady or a great mother or great daughter for having her mother in that White House with them but what has she



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