Top Scientists Prove Covid Pandemic Was a Hoax – EVOL

A group of leading scientists has provided conclusive evidence proving that the alleged Covid “pandemic” was nothing more than a hoax designed to mass-vaccinate the general public and usher in a globalist agenda.

Scientists in Great Britain are working on a new project aimed at developing new “vaccines” for COVID-19.

However, during the process, they have inadvertently learned that germ theory, the idea that people get sick from “catching germs,” is a hoax.

In trying to deliberately infect trial participants with the latest Covid strains and subvariants, the research team learned that even doses 10,000 times higher than the original strain are not enough to induce sustained infection.

They claim that the reason for this is because the participants developed natural immunity from prior infection.

But, it appears as though the real reason has to do more with the fact that Covid is not even a transmissible virus, nor has it even been proven to exist.

Because it was never properly isolated using Koch’s postulates, Covid as it is being presented to the world is not even real.

Something made people sick, whether it was seasonal flu, 5G, the “vaccines,” or some combination of all of the above, but there



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