Top Professor Testifies: Covid Pandemic Was a Hoax – EVOL

A globally esteemed professor has given an explosive testimony during a federal government hearing in Germany to warn that the Covid pandemic was a hoax.

Prof. Stefan Homburg testified before top officials that the COVID-19 pandemic did not begin in 2020 as the world has been led to believe.

While addressing the Corona Symposium in the Bundestag, Homburg explained that the coronavirus did emerge in 2019.

However, he said that it simply took the place of regular influenza and the virus was no more severe.

The world-renowned German professor cited data showing no increase in mortality rates during 2020, the first pandemic year.

Yet, data shows that deaths only started increasing in 2021, after the Covid mRNA shots were rolled out for public use.

Homburg told the federal government hearing that mortality rates started skyrocketing from 2021 onward because the injections are killing people, not the virus.

During his bombshell testimony, Homburg asserted that the pandemic was a hoax that sought to scare people into accepting the dangerous mRNA shots.

He told the hearing that reports of soaring Covid deaths were “not true,” noting that there were no more “sick people and deaths than usual.”

“There were no more severe respiratory



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