Top Professor Blows Whistle: 'Climate Change & Covid Are WEF Hoaxes' - EVOL

A world-renowned professor has blown the whistle and warned the public that that narratives around “climate change” and the Covid pandemic are “hoaxes” that were fabricated by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in order to usher the globalist agenda.

On Monday, Professor Norman Fenton joined Australian political commentator Alexandra Marshall to discuss censorship, misinformation, net zero, the farmers’ rebellion in Europe and the fracture of the “freedom movement.”

Also joining the show was the Women’s Forum Australia CEO, Rachel Wong, to discuss the petition calling on New South Wales Members of Parliament to protect women and children, and reject the anti-women, anti-children reforms being proposed including the introduction of sex self-identification, fully deregulated prostitution, removing bans on commercial surrogacy and the criminalisation or restriction of care for people struggling with gender dysphoria.

In this article, we are focussing on Prof. Fenton’s section of the show which is the first 31 minutes.  We were unable to embed the video in this article.  You can watch it HERE on ADH TV for free after entering an email address.

In 2020, Prof. Fenton showed early on that the false covid narrative was driven by flawed and easily manipulated statistics and models exaggerating the deadliness of covid and the



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