Top Obama Ally Says The Quiet Part Out Loud… – EVOL

Former AG Eric Holder broke his silence on Joe Biden’s terrible poll numbers while talking with Bill Maher, stating “as the media turns its attention to making this a binary choice between a person who’s got some age and cognitive issues — that would be Trump — against somebody who has actually accomplished a lot, I think we’ll do just fine.”

Host Bill Maher asked, “What do you make of the fact that the Democrats, by every poll I read, are, I would just say, losing their base? If you look at non-white working-class voters, there has been a 61-point shift, that’s an incredible amount, from 2012, that’s in twelve years. Obama, in 2012…I think won it by 67 points, that demographic. Biden won it by 48. Now he’s only up by six. What’s going on there?”

Holder answered, “I think, first off, you’re measuring March against November. We’re looking at where people are right now, I think you’ll probably see a movement with regard to working-class people of all races towards Biden by the time you get to November. You’re also comparing an extremely — an unbelievably popular African American running for the first time and who really



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