Top Molecular Geneticist: Covid Spike Protein Is a ‘Bioweapon’ – EVOL

A world-renowned molecular geneticist has warned the public that the spike protein found in the COVID-19 virus and the mRNA vaccines “is a bioweapon.”

Dr. Michael Nehls, a celebrated German scientist, raised the alarm during an interview with Tucker Carlson.

According to Nehls, the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, which is present in both the virus and the Covid injections, was created with the injection of harming and killing human beings.

Nehls warns that spike protein was designed as “a bioweapon against the brain.”

The spike protein attacks what he called “the mental immune system,” he explains.

“The mental immune system” is the part of the brain that makes people human,” he told the former Fox News host.

“So the spike protein essentially attacked humankind, the very basis of humans.

“If you really want to attack the brain, you have to get the spike protein into the brain.

“That’s the [part] that’s really dangerous.”

Nehls continued by explaining that Covid shots are destroying the public’s ability to think critically.

While writing his book, “The Indoctrinated Brain,” he said he realized this true motivation for governments, health officials, corporate elites, and globalist organizations to push the Covid shots to the global population




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