Top Governor DEFIES Biden’s Demand – EVOL

Last week, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas took a stand against the recent rule changes to Title IX implemented by the Department of Education under President Joe Biden. In an executive order, she made it clear that her state’s schools should disregard these changes and prioritize the rights and privacy concerns of the majority of students, rather than the few who identify as transgender.

Governor Sanders’ order serves as a reaffirmation of Arkansas’ dedication to upholding the conventional definition of sex as an unchangeable aspect of the human body, firmly grounded in biology and the natural order of things.

“The government should celebrate, not erase, sex differences by providing proper protections for them,” the order says, as reported by The Epoch Times. It also states that the Biden administration “has rejected reality and chosen to appease their left-wing base over students’ safety and best interests.”

The directive was issued in response to the Biden administration’s recent broadening of the definition of “sex” under Title IX to include “gender identity,” a change that Sanders believes deviates from the law’s original intent. “The Biden administration is attempting to unilaterally rewrite federal law to advance its radical gender ideology against women



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