Top Doctor Raises Alarm over ‘Unprecedented Excess Deaths’ of Young People – EVOL

Esteemed critical care physician Dr. Pierre Kory is raising the alarm after revealing disturbing new data that shows excess deaths among young people are continuing to soar at “unprecedented” levels.

Kory issued the warning during a new interview with British podcaster Russell Brand.

The top doctor was referring to data from insurance actuaries.

As Kory points out in the interview, the data used by insurance companies is the least corrupt information on death rates available as the entire industry revolves around these risk factors.

Actuarial data shows that young people have been dying at “unprecedented” and “historic” rates, Kory explains.

Kory notes that excess deaths started to rise early in 2021 but started to skyrocket in the third quarter of the year.

What’s even more concerning is that the young people who are dying are Group Life Policyholders (employees of Fortune 500 companies).

Kory says these people are “historically the healthiest members of society.”

“And suddenly, they started dying at rates higher than the general U.S. population, particularly young people.”

Kory warns that the rates at which young people are dying have never been seen before.

“The actuarial industry – that’s data that there’s really no incentive to corrupt,” he



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