Top Democrats Turn on Biden over Open Border Policies

Several top Democrats have turned against President Joe Biden over his open border policies.

Biden’s weak policies at the Southern Border are continuing to facilitate the migrant crisis that has been bringing chaos to cities across the country.

From Massachusetts to Arizona, city and state officials have been expressing frustration over the flood of illegal border crossers.

Seven prominent Democrats and one Independent politician now say Biden needs to do more to stem the flow of illegal aliens to American cities.

Most recently, Massachusetts’ Democrat Gov. Maura Healey said her state has taken charge while the federal government has been missing in action.

Last week, Healy declared a state of emergency over the migrants crisis in her state.

“Massachusetts has stepped up to address what sadly has been a federal crisis of inaction that is many years in the making,” she said in her letter to feds.

With nearly 5,600 migrant families or more than 20,000 individuals currently in state shelter, including children and pregnant women, Healey also demanded the Biden administration pay for the expenses.

A Chicago politico challenged Biden to tour overrun migrant camps in the city.

The Democrat-controlled city is now one of the top five destinations



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