Top Dem Caught BRAGGING About Sneaking This Into Bill – EVOL

Texas Representative Jasmine Crockett proudly announced that she successfully secured funding for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in an aviation bill aimed at recruiting more minority pilots. The House and Senate both passed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) bill, granting the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) authority for the next five years to enhance aviation safety regulations.

Crockett revealed that she, along with fellow lawmakers, discreetly allocated resources to boost the representation of black and Hispanic pilots amidst what she described as a hostile environment towards DEI efforts during an interview on “Roland Martin Unfiltered.”

“We were also able to get monumental legislation into the FAA Reauthorization Act that really flew under the radar, thank God,” Crockett said. “But this was funding to make sure that hopefully we can increase the number of African Americans and Hispanics that are entering aviation which can be very expensive, but can obviously be very lucrative. So we set up a situation where basically there will be full rides for those attending grant HCBUs as well as HSIs to go into aviation. And in this crazy anti-DEI environment, we were able to get that done.”


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