Top Climate Scientist Admits ‘Global Warming’ Alarmism Is ‘Rewarded’ by Green Agenda ‘Industry’ – EVOL

One of the world’s most cited climate scientists has blown the whistle on the true motivations behind alarmism about so-called “global warming.”

Dr. Judith Curry, who was once celebrated by the corporate media, the United Nations (UN), and other “climate crisis” narrative advocates, has lifted the lid on the green agenda “industry” during a recent interview.

Curry became a “rock star” in the climate science world after she published a study claiming that global warming was causing a rise in hurricanes and other extreme weather events around the world.

She became a darling of the corporate media and was jetted around the world for UN-funded VIP trips to spread these claims.

However, Curry’s study eventually unraveled when other scientists challenged her findings.

As it turned out, the data in Curry’s study was flawed and it didn’t prove that “climate change” was impacting the weather.

After she was exposed, Curry says she was completely shunned by the “climate change industry.”

Curry has now chosen to speak out about her experience to expose how the green agenda industry works.

She says she was forced to rely on faulty data in order to create alarmism about her study.

According to Curry, the



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