Top Cardiologist Blows Whistle: Doctors Were Bribed to Push Covid Shots – EVOL

One of the world’s leading cardiologists has blown the whistle to alert the public to a bribery scheme that led to doctors everywhere pushing Covid mRNA shots onto their patients.

Renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough recently revealed startling figures to highlight this bribery scheme.

The figures expose the staggering earnings that doctors received for pushing the experimental injections.

Speaking during an appearance on the “Tommy T Podcast,” McCullough explained how t a typical doctor could earn huge bonuses if they injected a substantial portion of their patients.

More specifically, if a doctor injected 75% of his or her patients at $250 per newly injected person, that would end up being around $250,000.

This revelation was discovered through a leaked Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield document.

McCullough explained that a full-time primary care physician typically manages a patient panel ranging from about 1,000 to 2,000 people covered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Factoring in the incentive, 1,000 newly vaccinated patients, at $250 per person, equates to a $250,000 bonus for the doctor.


REPORT: Dr. Peter McCullough tells Tommy T that doctors were BRIBED to push the COVID vaccines.

A typical doctor could make an extra $250,000 if they



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