Tied to Courthouse, Trump Conducts Guerilla Campaign on Evenings, Weekends – EVOL

Unable to hold many large rallies, the former president has taken to strategic neighborhood visits, daily press conferences, and hosting foreign dignitaries.

Former President Donald Trump has shifted his campaign strategy while standing trial in New York, visiting key constituencies in the city, hosting foreign dignitaries at Trump Tower, and taking daily broadsides at his opponent in a guerrilla campaign for the city itself.

“We’re making a big play for New York,” President Trump told reporters on April 16, the day after his trial on charges related to allegedly falsifying business records began.

The remarks came during a visit to a Harlem bodega where a man had been stabbed to death. “I love this city,” President Trump said. “And it’s gotten so bad in the last three years . . . and we’re going to straighten New York out.”

The stop appeared to be calculated to appeal to minority voters, who have steadily migrated away from associating themselves with the Democratic Party over the last eight years.

A large crowd was seen in a video gathering around the bodega and chanting “four more years” as President Trump arrived.

An April poll from The Wall Street Journal shows that 30 percent of black men



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