Thousands of Ballots Cast in Arizona 2020 Election without Proof of US Citizenship

More than 5,600 federal-only ballots were cast in Arizona in the 2020 presidential election because there was no evidence of U.S. citizenship required of the voters who cast them.

Arizona has an uncommon condition of bifurcated elections, in which residents who present confirmation of U.S. citizenship can vote in all elections, while others can only vote in federal elections, resulting in ballots cast by voters who have not established their U.S. citizenship. The voting anomaly was uncovered by Just the News.

Residents registering to vote in Arizona must produce proof of U.S. citizenship, according to state law. However, following the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision that Arizona must accept U.S. voter registration forms due to federal requirements under the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, the state now allows residents registering to vote who do not provide proof of citizenship to receive ballots only for federal races.

Only a sworn declaration that the person is a U.S. citizen is required on federal voter registration forms.

When Arizona residents register to vote or amend their registration, an election system analyzes their driver’s license information to verify their citizenship.

According to the Associated Press, those without papers are ineligible to vote in state



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