This Is It: Netanyahu Promises “Mighty Vengeance” Against Hamas, Warns Gaza Residents to Get Out

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The Middle East powder keg is blowing up. Will this end quickly or are we at the beginning of a protracted event?

For most of our lifetimes, Israel has been in conflict with someone in the Middle East. Skirmishes and short-term wars have engulfed the Jewish nation off and on for decades. But this latest attack by Hamas is different. It’s visceral with not only the rocket attacks but with Hamas terrorists going door-to-door in Israeli towns murdering civilians, kidnapping girls, and engaging in the most despicable forms of attacks possible.

Hamas is fighting like savages with no regard for the lives of citizens. Israeli Prime Minister and the rest of his government appear to be done with pandering to those who want them annihilated.

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According to Times of Israel:

In an address to the nation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows to use “all the power” of the IDF to destroy Hamas’s capabilities, and tells Gaza’s residents to “get out now.”



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