'This Has Gone Too Far': Elon Musk Condemns Airport Arrest Of Jan 6 Protester On Misdemeanor Charges

Tesla, X, and Space X CEO Elon Musk condemned the arrest of Siaka Massaquoi, a California-based actor and activist, who was arrested at the airport over the weekend while returning home from the premiere of Daily Wire’s Lady Ballers.

Massaquoi — who has contributed to the conservative news site Red State and appeared in videos for Prager U Daily Wire and other outlets — was arrested on four misdemeanor charges related to “trespassing” and “parading” in the Capitol on January 6. For these crimes, Massaquoi was arrested in front of his pregnant wife and perp-walked through the airport nearly three years after the January 6 Capitol protests.

According to California-based activist Lori Mills, Massaquoi was placed in shackled and leg irons before being arraigned alongside drug dealers and violent criminals. The FBI previously raided his house in the weeks following the protests, though charges were not brought until two years later.

Massaquoi’s arrest has sparked outrage among conservatives and drawn attention from Elon Musk, who wrote “this has gone too far” in response to a news report on his arrest.

“I couldn’t believe this when I heard it. This political persecution can’t be allowed to continue,” said the Babylon Bee’s



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